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Why should I outsource my medical billing?

The health industry is continually changing. Physicians have a tough job providing quality care to their patients let alone trying to keep up with the demanding needs of insurance companies. By outsourcing your billing to Zawna Health you let our experts take over, ensuring you receive services that exceed industry standards. Zawna Health will increase your cash flow and decrease the overhead costs of staffing a billing department and spending valuable time dealing with insurance companies.

What are the steps in your billing process?

Zawna Health receives the dictation from your physician and transcribes the report. Once the report is transcribed, it is passed on to our certified coders. Our coders code the report in 24-48 hours using the most current coding guidelines. It is then passed onto our charge entry department that enters the coding within 24 hours. Claims are audited by the charge entry department as well as software to ensure there are no issues that may allow them to be rejected. Once we have determined the claim is “clean” we send it electronically to the insurance provider. Zawna Health has a 97% clean claim rate. Our follow-up team begins following-up on claims 10 days from the bill-date to verify the insurance company has received the claim. The team again follows-up on every claim 14-21 days later to confirm the claim is processing. Any issues with the claim are addressed immediately. Once the claim is processed, Zawna Health receives the Explanation of Benefits and it is posted within 24 hours. If the patient has a secondary or tertiary insurance we then send a claim along with the Explanation of Benefits to the insurance company. We make sure no claim slips through the cracks.

Do you use electronic billing?

Zawna Health sends as many claims as possible electronically. By billing electronically, insurance companies get claims earlier and begin processing them quicker. This in turn means more money for your practice sooner. Approximately 95-98% of our claims go electronically.

What insurances do you bill?

Zawna Health can bill all major insurances including both government and private insurances.

What software system do you use?

For coding we currently use TruCode and the most current AMA coding books. Presently, we use Advantx for entering charges. We also have experience with Misys Tiger, Med Series 400, SIS, and many others. We recommend using Zirmed as a claims clearinghouse company due to their direct connections with the insurance companies. We also have experience in using Viatrack and Quadex; however, we are willing to learn and operate other efficient billing and clearinghouse software.

Will you acquire old Accounts Receivable?

We will acquire old Accounts Receivable and begin working immediately to achieve payment as soon as possible. Every penny counts these days and we will go after every penny which is due to the physicians.

Can you guarantee more money will come in?

Zawna Health can increase revenues by making sure claims go through a rigorous audit system before being sent to the insurance company. This means more “clean” claims going to the insurance and being paid sooner. We also have a team that starts claim follow-up 10 days from the day of claim submission to make sure the insurance has the claim and is processing it. We make sure no claim goes untouched.

What reports do you provide?

Zawna Health wants to make sure the practice is in the loop with all aspects of its billing. We provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. Some of the reports we provide are; unbilled accounts, clean claims submission, accounts receivable, credit balances, weekly cash report, gross revenue and any specific reports you request.

What are the costs of contracting with Zawna Health ?

Zawna Health charges a one time set-up fee and then a small percentage of monthly revenues collected.

Why should I choose Zawna Health?

Zawna Health is committed to the customer. We want to help take stress off the physicians so they can focus on providing superior patient care. By bringing in experts in the transcription, coding, billing, follow-up and insurance posting fields we will make sure physicians get paid for their services.

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