Zawna Health Strives To Provide Superior Services

Zawna Health strives to provide services that exceed industry standards. That is why we make sure we are up-to-date with the ever-changing medical community. We work hard to improve our business so the customer knows they are getting the best services possible. Listed below are the services we currently provide.


Physicians call into a single telephone number dictation system, enter report type and begin dictating. Alternatively, physicians have an option to upload their dictations from their handheld to our secure website. Physicians can dictate or upload at any time from any location. Reports dictated by 5:00 pm Monday-Friday will be completed the following business day. Transcripts are permanently stored on our secure website and can be retrieved at any time and faxed to any location.


Our certified coders receive the transcription and code it within 24-48 hours using TruCode and the most up-to-date AMA coding books. Their certification ensures a higher level of coding accuracy which is important in protecting the facility’s revenue as well as more accurate reporting of medical outcomes.


Once the charge-entry team receives the coding they enter the charges within 24 hours. At this time, the team does an initial audit to make sure the claims will not get denied. Before being sent to the payer, another audit is done to make sure we did not miss anything. We send the claims to the clearinghouse the morning after being entered. We have a clean claim rate of 97%!


Our follow-up team starts following-up within 10 days of the bill-date to verify the insurance company received the claim. This way we know every claim has been received by the payer and will be processed. The team again follows up every 2-3 weeks afterwards until the claim is paid.

Claim Appeal:

Claims can be denied for any number of reasons. Our claim appeal experts do extensive research and determine what needs to be done to appeal the claim and get it paid. We believe no claim is too small to appeal!.

Payment Posting:

Once Zawna Health receives the Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company our posting team posts it within 24 hours. This means your files will regularly be up-to-date so you can see your revenue coming in.


Zawna Health performs reconciliation of operating accounts on a monthly basis, monthly journal entries and monthly financial statement preparation including trend analyses and graphs.

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